Class 6 for V Yacht - Composite

O Yachts and V Yacht collaborated with O Yachts in charge of composit job and V Yachts for boat completion (Engine, Interior, Rudders...).


As mentioned O Yachts used Class 6 molds to create the catamaran. We infused using Vinylester Resin and mix of Glass, Kevlar and Carbon for fibers.
O Yachts team is very skilled in infusion and delivered to V Yacht a complete composite job based on Class 6.
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IMG 0016

IMG 0023



View of forward cockpit
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Carbon used for side panels
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Massive use of carbon on Spine
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You clearly notice Carbon structure
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The D day over 2.5T resin is infused
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Hull is moved out of mold for completion
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First you need a huge mold for hull

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Spend hours filling gaps between foam

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