Class 6 for V Yacht - Engine

O Yachts and V Yacht collaborated with O Yachts in charge of composit job and V Yachts for boat completion (Engine, Interior, Rudders...).


As standard we install 2 engines 80hp Saildrive usually from Yanmar, but on this boat only have one diesel engine and one hydraulic pod.

Only 1 Diesel engine and 1 Hydraulic pod.

Why : lighter weight and faster cruising

How : instead using 2 saildrive 80hp 2L engine size. They use 1 direct shaft 80hp 3.3L engine size.
How : when you cruise for long distance you always use one engine and change engine after few hours.
A 2L engine used at 2.200tr/mn will deliver about 40hp
The 3.3L engine used at 1.800tr/mn will deliver about 50hp
You clearly have faster cruising with same Liter per mile fuel.
How : only for harbour maneuvre you will use the second engine base on an hydraulic pod
How : this big engine is made for thousand of hours service

The big 3.3L engine

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The big 3.3L engine instalation

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Hydraulic pod

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