O Yachts or WindBliss ?

When looking for a catamaran to buy, we realized some of you are looking for high level of finish and other are much into very simple solutions.
Therefore we decided to keep O Yachts brand as leading company vision for perfect yachts and create WindBliss brand targeting sailors with lower budget but high sailing expectations.
Where O Yachts is only delivering complete finished and tested yachts ; WindBliss is able to deliver catamarans at different stage from Bare Hull to Complete.


WindBliss logo   O Yachts Logo
 11m / 13,7m / 21m Boat Range
14m / 17m / 21m / 24m
 From Bare Hull to complete finished Delivery  Complete finished and tested yachts
 Naval Architect and O Yachts Design  Clifford DENN exclusive design
 Simple paint (color choice)
 Changes are possible but extra costs for studies
Interior  So many solutions to choose from.
 As we build semi custom, interior is built upon your decisions.
 We first listen to your needs, then we present solutions with boat naval architect and design team.
 INTERNET web site with configurator. Pricing is direct online Pricing  We usually work upon a budget and specs definition. Then we come back with complete solution and pricing.
 You may possibly achieve a faster boat than O Yachts if you keep  very conservative with weight !  Performances   Premium are made for over 20kts speed. Even with Class 4, you will easily pass 20kts using correct sailplan. Class 4 sister ship was rated 26.8kts during ARC 2014 race.
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