One Off

For those who have specific projects, we offer our team expertise and shipyard facilities made for composite yachts building.

You might have plans from naval architect. This way, we can give quotes for building.
You might have only clear ideas - but no plans - we will direct you to naval architects to assist you .

Upon the naval architects we recommend :

Erik Lerouge Schionning Design


Erik LEROUGE Schionning Designs Marc LOMBARD

Erik LEROUGE has a strong reputation for building fast and reliable catamarans, most plans are designed for one off or small serie.
Marc LOMBARD has extended knowledge for very large vessels (over 70ft) and comfortable platforms for long time living aboard.
SCHIONNING Design is mostly know on the Pacific with undreds of catamarans built by owner of small shipyards. We present below the GForce that is a very "design" performance oriented catamaran.



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