Custom yachts

For those who know what they want ... and what they don't

Really custom yachts... When buying a new boat you want it be "yours"; therefore, O Yachts is giving you the way to be "at helm" from day 1.
With our support, you will take almost all decisions to match what you really expect from a catamaran.
All O Yachts will share the same attention to performance and perfect finish but each will reflect the Owner caractere.

  • We offer any style for steering, manual tiller or wheel, any position or combination.

     You may choose between hydraulic, cables or gearbox for transmission.
  • You have a 5.20m x 2,60m area which means 13,5m2.
    Benchs are custom, you can decide where and if you want them.
    Outside table can be any style with room for up to 10 people.
    Entrance door position (central or side) or size (from 80 to 160cm large)
  • Bimini is also your choice, some want to be protected from sun and rain, some go a different way.

    One you are decided with steering, we propose a bimini cut (large or small)
    Side Windows design. We propose a "wave" style or a classic design more angled.
    Class4 side window

  • Rectangulare forms give large possibilities to create your own interior.
    Upon your recommandations we will create a special design for your interior.

    Below are just samples to give ideas ...

    catamaran custom 8 layouts
  • As you can imagine, we also provide complete custom design for hull.
    Some of you will prefer a "Owner" version with one hull dedicated for 2 people.
    In this regard, we will offer
       -   a spacious 1.6m x 2m aft bed
       -   a huge head with possibility to install washing machine
       -   central part can receive drawers, office...
    Some of you want to invite more people therefore want 2 separate cabines an
    one head with separate shower area.

    Below example with guest cabines
    Below example with "ower cabine"
  • Our vision for a luxury yacht is the attention to details. You must not only find the right products,
    but you must also assemble them with care. For instance, if you paint you might want to have a
    perfect glossy finish, that means hours of sanding to achieve perfect surfaces. You can also prefer
    Alcantara style but once again you must sped hours to achieve perfect finish for curves.

    WOODS : We offer a choice of over 60 woods. For the finish we offer 5 grades from pure mat to high glossy.
    LAMINATES : for flat surfaces such as kitchen or vertical panels such as hull, we offer exclusive nano
    particule based panel 0,9 or 1,2mm thickness. They are extreamly resistanct to scratch to offer long
    lasting living aboard yachts.

    ALUMINIUM FINISH : we recommend aluminium finish to protect your interior where you might have bumps ;
    kitchen drawers/cabinet, bed borders, ... We work with aluminium made in France that offer perfect finish
    with many designs to choose from.
  • We offer choice to owners and we sincerly think you should not follow "marketing" daggerboards
    and decide for yourself. Marketing is presenting daggerboards as key for performance, but it is common
    knowledge that factor number 1 for a fast catamaran is WEIGHT! The main advantage of daggerboards
    is angle for upwind conditions with 5% benefit. Indeed this is significant but you have to balance this
    with all other aspects.

    Fix keel
    • 510kg extra payload due supplement flotability (cf archimed)
    • Easy maintainance for carenage as you ground
    • Easy interior layout as you do not have the daggerboard box inside hull
    • Easy sailing as you do not have to handle daggerboards
    • draft idem as daggerboard as you have the rudders / engine draft
    • Excellent protection for engine and rudders


    • 5% extra angle on upwind conditions
    • Better sliding in case of heavy sea coming side way
  • Equipment is clearly depending your decision :

    Engines : brand, saildrive or direct shaft, diesel, diesel hybride, full electric, ...
    Electricity : classic wired or bus system
    Generation : high performance alternator, diesel generator, sea generator,  wind generator, solar panel...
    Toilets : manual or electric
    Pumps : any type

    There are so many options for equipment, we can not list them.

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