Pure RACER or Low Budget ?

O Yachts 46 Start are catamarans for sale with bare hull to start with. 2 targets : DIY sailors / pure RACERS

We perfectly understand and respect the thousands of passionate sailors with good Do It Yourself knowledge, who want to build their "dream yacht" themselves. They usually have a lower budget but high motivation. For whom we made the START version that is O Yachts quality but with an excellent price for this market. If needed more elements, can be installed at the shipyard (Engine / carbon mast / heads / electricity ....). They can buy a catamaran bare hull and finish it near shipyard as we have facilities ready nearby with low renting rates, they can also have the hull shipped (cargo).

O Yachts 46 Start is also perfect for RACERS. We know O Yachts 46 have real racing capacities. The catamaran is extreamly light (about 7.3T) with lots of sails. Racers should contact us to evaluate a quotation with TOP racing equipements : carbon rotative mast made at shipyard, carbon daggerboards... We will make a special offer with very low margins as we are really interested to have O Yachts 46 shinning in races.


Ready to go...

We can also deliver the hull with all opening closed, engine and simple installation for electricity, electronic, plumbing... You would be able to go to your place with engine to finish the boat. A sail version is also possible. Please contact us.

When looking at a catamaran for sale with bare hull, you really need to pay attention to:

1. What is the process (plywood panels on manequin, composite wet system, infusion...) ?

2. What are the materials (foam quality/density, gelcoat quality/thickness, glass quality/axis, polyester/vinylester/epoxy resine ?

  • As standard we only use full infusion process on female molds ; this is the best way to guaranty weight control. As standard we use Divinycell foam quality for hull.
  • As standard we use quality gelcoat and vinylester parment for exterior.
  • As standard we use kevlar 2 layers from bow to keel

You may contact us to reduce pricing using less quality products but this is not really recommended "*" price subject to change without prior notice.


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