Class 4 num 2 being built

Class 4 spec num2

Current Class 4 being built is for a couple near retirement.
Very strong experience in catamaran as previous owner of a Catana 471, our customer wanted similar quality with more performances. They had their own ideas and wanted a shipyard who could satisfy their wishs coming from past experience. After testing several competitors, they finally closed a deal with O Yachts as matching best of compromises.
Regarding options, we had long conversations about Keel vs Daggerboards, and ended with keel. We know we do not get top performances from Class 4 possibilities, but Class 4 is so light, we match esasily with competitors using  daggerboards.
Next was discussions about steering, after many trials on demo boat and other 2 wheels systems, they decided for a centreal steering system with wheel and seating for a couple. Reefing and solent comes back to this central position for easy sailing. Only genova and spi are positioned on side roof as easy to manage with crew.

Then for interior customers went to a classic 3 cabins with owner hull. This layout is reallly ideal for the boat.
For the saloon, they wanted to be able to have dinner for 8 people and therefore we made it easy as Class 4 is very large and spacious.

Customer steering choice : central steering wheel

Class 4 3DTOP

New larger cockpit
On the left new cockpit and right demo boat. You have now one of the largest cockpit in the market! Without scarifying the aft platform.

class 4 new cockpit


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