WindBliss 110 num 3

Length 10,99 m  
Beam 6,49 m
Draft 0,97m and 2,2m carbon daggerbord down
Empty weight      Below 3400 kg
Payload 1900 kg
Architecture Lerouge

Current WindBliss Num 3 being built is designed for a famous sailor under contract and therefore we can not name him.
This will be a pleasure boat to enjoy easy cruising in french britanny with miniam weight and simplistic solutions.

We should be very pleased with performances as weight is as low as possible :
- usual perfect building with infusion process on quality foam
- carbon where it pays : front beam, mast load
- 2 outoard engine instead heavier inboards
- as fezw as possible interior layout only one bed and head
- carbon daggerboard to enjoy maximum performances



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